Thursday, January 15, 2009

I need to CLIMAX

There is so much that i have to say, so much that is bottled up inside of me. When i shut my eyes, all i think of is how much i need a release, an orgasm. I need to speak/write and watch myself climax with my words. There are too many words that i have left unspoken for too long. There is too much built up energy inside of me.

I need to climax.

But i understand the rules of climaxing. I have to start slowly and gradually until i reach my peak, my heaven.

And so my First step to climaxing is
to lose my virginity which i have already done.
And my Second step is
to thank everyone who watched me lose my virginity welcomed me to this wonderful world of bloggers. I feel so honoured that so many people read my blog and left wonderful comments. Its so encouraging. Ex-school nerd, you are the bomb. thanks for all ur love and support. without you, you know, there would be no journal of a lil woman. thank you.

And my Third step is
to just shut my eyes and release the energy and words inside of me.

I am hurting for a number of reasons. I am only going to concentrate on two of those reasons today because i know i can only achieve an orgasm if i take it slowly and gradually.
The first and most pressing reason is that growing up, i used to wish i had a sister my age or one slightly younger than I was. so that we could share secrets and laughs and she would understand and know me like no one else in the world. well i let go of that dream or fantasy because instead of a lil sister, i had a lil brother. my lil bro and i are close, but i always wished he were a girl.
Well God answered my prayer in a different way. He didnt give me a biological sister but He gave me a friend, one that i have known for almost six years.Iw ould refer to her as Tiz. We met in our first university and parted a year after because we both hated the school and we wanted somewhere better. we both desired different universities but as fate would have it, we met again in our second university.
i am not one who believes so much in friendship. i always had it in my head that friends would fail and friends were only for a season. so i never got too attached to anyone, neither did i ever go out of my way to make friends out of anyone. i just always told myself that no one was irreplacable. And so i took no one seriously. Tiz and i grew from being just friends to being bestfriends and then sisters. she was always there for me and i tried my best to be there for her. (Dont worry, i am not gay. i love me some hot looking dude. I love men, lots of men!) we had our fights but they were never anything major. we had so much fun together in school. We talked about any and everything ranging from our first kiss to our last sex and even our secret fantasies. my point is, she was my friend.
To cut the long story short, i messed up. i was upset with her becasue of things i now realize were flimpsy and i said some things to her that i can never take back. its been four months since i was mean to her, five months since we saw each other, one day since she told me she has forgiven me but we just might never be friends again. I miss her so much but i feel i have lost a friend forever. when i hear a song that i know she likes, i pick up my phone but put it back down because i know i no longer have the right to call her. there is so much i want to say to her, but she isnt there. i wnat to tell her about the new movies i have seen, the new songs i have heard, the new guy i like, the crazy thing i did lastnight, the craaazzzzy thing i intend to do tomorrow(wink wink). Gosh, there is so much to say but she is isnt there any more.

i am wondering if anyone undertstands what i am talking about. our friendship was rare. Many lovers do not even have it like we did. i always used to say to her that if we werent both girls, we would be thinking of getting married by now.

i miss my bestfriend and even though she is most likely never going to hear about my blog, i want everyone who reads this to know that.

i have written so much now. the next time i blog, i would write about the second reason why i feel sad. and hopefully, the more i write and let go of all the words in my head, the closer, i would get to my promiseland, the closer i would get to climaxing.


K said...
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Funms-the rebirth said...

i think u should call her and try to patch things up...its def not going to be d same but hey, its a start.... who knows, u may end up being besties again

Anonymous said...

well,depending on the things you said to her,the friendship may or maynot have a chance,plus i think you should try talking to's a start at least..i've never experienced real friendship with someone m not really related to,i can imagine you are hurt.

Baby steps

~Sirius~ said...

Tried telling her this?

If both of you were really that close- as much as you hurt her, she will always find it in her heart to forgive you.

Because true friends are really hard to come by.

You Self, watch your mouth oh!

Anonymous said...

Lil woman - sorry about your friend. Maybe you should write this to can only

mizchif said...

Funny how much this story of yours rings true. Also as u guys let the issue fester for like 4 mnths u said? I'm not sure u can ever get back to the way things were, but at least now you know, so next time, just be more careful!

Anonymous said...

You should call her. It might take time to get her back but it would be worth getting shut down a couple of times to get back what you had. I have a friend like that, I messed up bad, I called her like in tears 'cuz I knew I messed up and we're tighter than ever. I think she'd appreciate that she means that much to you and at least consider being your friend again. I hope you two work out, a good friend is hard to find.

Miss Kikky said...

You remind so much of how I treat my friends. Try to call her, If you were really best friend, then she will forgive you. It might take a lot of time but it's worth a try

Buttercup said...

im positive that her seeing this wud soften her up..u shud give it a try, u sound like u really did value ur friendship..

Anonymous said...

...and it stings but then, such is life.

Someone once said; "....of all the timeless treasure which in time may come our way, there will be nothing as precious as the friends we make today."