Saturday, November 15, 2008



I waited for so long. Wanting to do this yet knowing that i probably should not. The desire in my heart so strong, yet the fear in my heart stronger. "Would i do it right? Should i wait a bit longer? or should i never do it at all?" These questions played in my mind. My heart raced faster. I wanted and at the same time i didn't want. I shut my eyes. Tomorrow i said, not today. i would wait for tomorrow. Many tomorrows passed and still, i waited. Then i realized no matter how long i waited for tomorrow, my fears would never cease. I had to give in, fear or no fear, doubt or no doubt. i had to let go and do what i had to do.
Mighty frightful steps i took to the path that led to only one way, losing my virginity.

. ....and i lost it. Painfully and yet gladly so, i lost my virginity...

With each gentle stroke and tap of the keyboard, i gave a path of me, first my name, then my email address and then my password, my date of birth...i gave it all....and when i was done caressing the keyboard with the soft tip of my fingers, i felt shivers run down my spin, cold and sweet shivers as i thought of what people would say as they read how i lost my virginity as a blogger... Would they like my blog or would they mark it as one of the sites never to revisit? well the damage is done, there is no going back. i have come this far. As far as blogging goes, i have lost my virginity.
And with a big smile, i welcome myself to the big world of bloggers and i also welcome you to the JOURNAL OF A LIL WOMAN!